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Individual Male:
David Miller - 11.88%
Andrew Frost - 10.19%
Rob McGhin - 9.41%

Individual Female:
Karen Banks - 14.18%
Susan Nimmo - 10.02%
Bennie Wright - 9.22%

"If you try anything, if you try to lose weight, or to improve yourself, or to love, or to make the world a better place, you have already achieved something wonderful, before you even begin. Forget failure. If things don't work out the way you want, hold your head up high and be proud. And try again. And again. And again!"

― Sarah Dessen, Keeping the Moon


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Team Lean is an 8-week community-wide healthy weight loss challenge sponsored by the Valdosta-Lowndes County Family YMCA.

Please come to the Kick-off on Saturday, January 7th, 2023 to have your first initial weigh-in!

Team Lean is a proven program to help people sustain a healthy lifestyle. Why does it work? The team concept provides accountability and motivation to work hard and achieve healthy results, for both you and your team.

Cash Prizes provide an extra incentive to reward the teams and individuals that are the most successful. Participants are allowed to decide what exercise and nutrition program works for their health and well-being. The YMCA supports “Team Leaners” through free exercise classes and nutritional education that promote healthy lifestyle changes.

Team Lean participants can enter as an individual or as part of a team. Teams must consist of 4 to 5 members.


Every Thursday from January 13th to March 10th participants weigh in at the Valdosta or Lake Park YMCA. Team Lean participants will have scheduled appointments with a certified YMCA Fitness Coach to reach their personal fitness goals and learn to make healthy lifestyle changes. YMCA Fitness Coaches are trained to assist with expert knowledge, personalized fitness programs, and healthy suggestions! When you complete the challenge and lose the highest percentage of weight you will be eligible for cash prizes!

Initial Weigh-In: Thursday, January 7th

Final Weigh-In: Thursday, March 2nd

Award Celebration: Friday, March 3rd

Located at the Valdosta-Lowndes County YMCA Basketball Gym

If you have any questions or concerns please contact:

Rose Nimmo 

YMCA Health and Wellness Director

Fitness Trainer – Group Fitness Programs

[email protected]